Michigan Driver’s License RestorationIf I accept a Michigan Driver’s License Restorations Appeal, I GUARANTEE that I will win the first time. If I do not, then the next License Appeal is completely FREE!

Losing your License truly proves how complicated life can be without one…

And how great it is to get it back!

Not having a license can be very difficult. Aside from the obvious things, like not being legally able to drive (and scared as heck if you do), even simple acts like cashing or writing checks, or proving your age or identity, become difficult and embarrassing.

This is why I really enjoy helping others regain the privilege that having a License can give them.

My client’s gratitude after winning is Priceless!

I have extensive experience in getting Licenses back and truly believe it is best left to lawyers, like me, who have devoted a substantial part of their practice to this area.

There are several specific and very important things you must prove, by Clear and Convincing Evidence, to the Secretary of State, in order to win a License Appeal. On top of that, each Secretary of State DAAD Hearing Officer has their own unique view of what it takes to prove your case.

There are also recent changes in the law that allow a Circuit Court Judge more discretion in the type of license that may be granted at the Circuit Court Appeal level (iff necessary).

I can give you an unsurpassed advantage with my knowledge and experience in both the law and rules and the things each Hearing Officer looks for during the Hearing.

I will put you way ahead of someone stumbling into this on their own.

I am ready and willing to help you get your Michigan Driver’s License Restoration process started…