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Attorney calls for marijuana advisory board

LAPEER — A local attorney is calling for formation of a Lapeer County Marijuana Advisory Board to “set the tone” with regard to marijuana and the changing societal landscape as it relates to the drug in the area. Bernard Jocuns addressed the Lapeer County Board of Commissioners at its regular meeting in is response to [...]

Jocuns: a “seeker, a mover, a malcontent,” evading the ordinary

To the untrained eye, Bernie Jocuns is a suit. “The Man,” if you will. But he doesn’t fall prey to the stereotypes so commonly associated with attorneys. He’s no square, the most notable indication of this being his shoulder length hair. And, like one of his heroes, the great Hunter S. Thompson, (who, along with [...]

Michigan Substance Abuse Driving

Michigan takes a strong stand against intoxicated and impaired drivers. Here is a link directly to Michigan SOS website that talks about the penalties and much more related to Michigan Substance Abuse Driving: If you or someone you know has been arrested for Michigan Substance Abuse Driving in Lapeer, it imperative that you get [...]

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