Michigan medical marijuana board signals intent to shut down all dispensaries

Michigan Medical Marijuana dispensaries would need to cease operation by a date certain if they wanted to be eligible for licensure in the future, the chair of the Medical Marijuana Licensing Board signaled at a meeting on Monday. Read more of the story at it was posted on Here is the link:

Michigan Marijuana Laws & Penalties

Under Michigan law, Marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance. Per the NORML website, here is link that describes current Michigan Marijuana Laws and Penalties:  

Plans to legalize marijuana in Michigan gaining traction…

Lansing — A ballot proposal to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Michigan is gaining steam as the group raises more money and boasts it has gathered half of the signatures needed to put the issue before voters in 2018. Read more of this article posted on the Detroit News website:  

First medical marijuana license meeting in Lansing, Michigan

The first medical marijuana license meeting in Lansing, Michigan of the Medical Marijuana Licensing Board drew a huge crowd as attorneys, entrepreneurs, patients and caregivers try to position themselves to obtain licences that start to become available in December. Click on the following link to read the full article that was published in the Detroit [...]

Michigan could be next state to legalize Marijuana

Here is an article found on that talks about how The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is pushing for a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in Michigan for those over 21. Here is the link to the article:

Medical pot dispensary proposed for Brown City

Originally posted on the Herald Times by Jackie Smith on March 29th. Officials in Brown City have a proposed medical marijuana dispensary on hold while they wait for a clearer understanding of state rules. Local residents and other advocates brought up the idea to City Council earlier this month with a spot in mind at 7051 Maple Valley Road. [...]

Getting a Court ordered Ignition Interlock Device installed in Michigan?

If you in need of getting Court ordered Ignition Interlock Device installed in Michigan, here is a list of Manufacturers and providers who are currently authorized to install ignition interlock devices for Michigan drivers. You can contact any of the provider's by calling their toll-free phone number to obtain additional information concerning cost, the location [...]

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Thinking of starting a Michigan Marijuana Business

MICHIGAN MARIJUANA BUSINESS LICENSES No licenses are currently available but the new State of Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board will have until December 15, 2017 to begin creating and accepting applications for one of five different licenses. There is nothing preventing a potential applicant from setting up the basic elements of a business and waiting [...]

Applying for a medical marijuana card in Michigan

The following is are the necessary steps and instructions to apply for a Medical Marijuana card in Michigan. Also provided is access to the necessary forms, where to mail them and associated fees. A copy of your doctor’s written statement noting your medical condition and recommending medical marijuana Proof of identity and residency, which can [...]

Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws

Note: A county cannot adopt an ordinance allowing any of the facilities authorized by these statutes and every municipality has a different protocol and procedure if it chooses to “opt-in” to the MMFLA. Q. Has marijuana been legalized? A. Marijuana has not been legalized in Michigan. It is still an illegal drug under federal and [...]