Medical pot dispensary proposed for Brown City

Officials in Brown City have a proposed medical marijuana dispensary on hold while they wait for a clearer understanding of state rules. Local residents and other advocates brought up the idea to City Council earlier this month with a spot in mind at 7051 Maple Valley Road. But officials agreed Monday to table the discussion until they receive [...]

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More than 120 attend workshop on regulating drug   Lapeer attorney and medical marijuana advocate Bernard Jocuns addressed the panel and Lapeer city officials Monday evening during a workshop session held at the Lapeer County EMS headquarters in Elba Township. Concerned the city may prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries in the city he asked, “Where do you expect them (patients) to [...]

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Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Quick Start

Reducing this rather complicated subject to a quick start guide is difficult. While it may not be as quick as the term "quick start" might suggest, the following is a very abbreviated overview of the process in my office. I would strongly suggest that anyone interested in the process take the time to read the [...]

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Michigan Driver’s License Restoration

If I accept a Michigan Driver’s License Restorations Appeal, I GUARANTEE that I will win the first time. If I do not, then the next License Appeal is completely FREE! Losing your License truly proves how complicated life can be without one... And how great it is to get it back! Not having a license [...]

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Michigan Medical Marihuana Act

Section 1 – The Title Section The Title of the Act is the “Michigan Medical Marihuana Act” Most notably, marijuana is spelled with an “h” instead of a “j”. All court opinions have chosen to ignore this uncommon spelling. The act was made effective December 4, 2008. Section 2 – Legislature Findings and Declaration This [...]