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Marijuana Miracles: The Wonders of CBD and It is Legal in Michigan!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 29, 2019 Contact: Bernard Jocuns 810-245-8900 bernard@bernardjocuns.org LAPEER, Mich. – Attitudes about marijuana are changing quickly and noticeably. In both conservative and liberal states and communities alike, marijuana has become more widely accepted for its medicinal properties, as well as its commodification for increased tax benefits. These changes are reflected in [...]

Legal Marijuana in Michigan: What are My Rights?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 20, 2018   Contact: Bernard Jocuns 810-245-8900 jocunsb@gmail.com   Legal Marijuana in Michigan: What are My Rights? Bernard Jocuns to Host Town Hall Meeting About Prop 1 and Effects on Lapeer   LAPEER – Attorney and activist Bernard Jocuns is gearing up to host an informational “town hall-style” meeting at Mayfield [...]

Marijuana Lawsuits in the City of Lapeer

  LAPEER – The road to medical marijuana dispensaries within the City of Lapeer has seen its share of bumps, to say the least. Since opting in to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) in April of this year (2018), a series of snags has slowed the process down to a snail’s pace. [...]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 11, 2018   Contact: Bernard Jocuns 810-245-8900 jocunsb@gmail.com   LAPEER, Mich. – Cannabusiness is a complex animal, especially in Michigan right now. As it stands, Michigan has one of the largest medical marijuana programs in the nation – second only to California in terms of patient numbers. And, considering that Gov. [...]

Operating Under the Influence of Drugs Michigan Roadside Tests

As of Nov. 8, 2017, five counties in Michigan have begun an effort to combat drugged driving (Operating Under the Influence of Drugs (OUID)) by employing what are now known as “Drug Recognition Experts,” or DREs, comprised of 26 Michigan State Police officers, each of whom are armed with handheld devices to test for the [...]

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Jocuns joins lineup at Lapeer’s Solid State Radio

Just about anyone who’s ever encountered Lapeer attorney Bernard Jocuns likely knows that he isn’t one to hold back when it comes to weighing in on most issues. Now — for at least one hour a week — he’s trading his normal platforms (say, a courtroom or the halls of the Lapeer County Complex) for [...]

Michigan Substance Abuse Driving

Michigan takes a strong stand against intoxicated and impaired drivers. Here is a link directly to Michigan SOS website that talks about the penalties and much more related to Michigan Substance Abuse Driving: http://bit.ly/2f9r4i6 If you or someone you know has been arrested for Michigan Substance Abuse Driving in Lapeer, it imperative that you get [...]

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Michigan Medical Marihuana Act

Section 1 – The Title Section The Title of the Act is the “Michigan Medical Marihuana Act” Most notably, marijuana is spelled with an “h” instead of a “j”. All court opinions have chosen to ignore this uncommon spelling. The act was made effective December 4, 2008. Section 2 – Legislature Findings and Declaration This [...]