Effective criminal defense is more than simply talking persuasively to a judge and jury. Investigators too often are simply interested in gathering enough information to make an arrest and may ignore facts which show innocence.

An experienced Lapeer criminal defense lawyer, Bernard Jocuns knows the complexity of any investigation and we understand that police officers and investigators alike can make mistakes; mistakes like any other human being. This is why we thoroughly research and investigate each individual case. When there’s an instance of a client’s rights being violated, we can use this to request (file a motion) that the judge dismiss the case against a defendant. If the judge is convinced that the defendant’s rights have been violated, the case will be dismissed.

You don’t have to settle for a plea agreement when your case could be dismissed by motion or an acquittal at trial! Call Lapeer criminal defense lawyer Bernard Jocuns today at: 810-245-8900. Our law offices specialize in criminal defense during a variety of legal situations including drug crimes, medical marijuana law, sex crimes, criminal sexual misconduct, computer crimes and more.

A prosecutor usually has only the information contained in the investigator’s reports to decide on whether or not to charge a suspect with a crime. I listen carefully to understand a client’s situation, interview witnesses thoroughly and dig deeply to unearth all of the facts. A great deal of legal work occurs before a trial even begins. In some cases where a client brought me into the case early enough, I have been able to present information to a prosecutor which was missing from the reports in the file so the prosecutor reduced the charge or dropped the case altogether. My staff and I are dedicated to providing a compelling defense for our clients.

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