eDrunk driving charges are taken very seriously in Michigan, and a first offense can alter a person’s life forever. Operating While Under the Influence is a serious offense and can ruin your career and future with a conviction. Just because you are pulled over and charged with an offense does not mean you are guilty.

Evidence from DUI and OWI arrests may be destroyed shortly after the arrest has been made and you have been charged, rendering you unable to fight the charges.

Attorney Bernard Jocuns is a specifically trained Lapeer Michigan DUI/OWI Defense Lawyer. He’s an expert in defending drinking and driving cases and blood draw cases involving drugs or alcohol.

If you have a valid Michigan Medical Marihuana Card you have a valid defense to driving under the influence. Let attorney Bernard Jocuns fight for your rights if you are charged with a drinking and driving or operating under the influence of drugs. Bernard Jocuns trains and actively participates with the National College of DUI Defense and the Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys.

Contact Bernard Jocuns, a Lapeer Michigan DUI/OWI Defense Lawyer at: 866-712-4420 to discuss an aggressive defense with a skilled criminal defense lawyer if you are facing DUI/OWI charges.

“People of the great State of Michigan I am here to serve you”.

Lapeer Michigan DUI/OWI Defense Attorney
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