Personal Injury

As a Lapeer Personal Injury and Disability Lawyer, Bernard Jocuns possess the experience to quickly and accurately assess your case in order to assign responsibility, estimate proper compensation and deploy strategies to achieve successful outcomes. As a skilled negotiator, he frequently achieves favorable settlements and avoids costly trials and negative publicity. However, should the need arise, Mr. Jocuns has the experience and track record to vigorously represent our clients’ interests in the courtroom setting.

Lapeer Personal Injury and Disability Lawyer
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As a Lapeer Personal Injury and Disability lawyer, Bernard Jocuns provides representation in the area of Social Security disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income, as well as in disability insurance claims, appeals, and bad faith and ERISA lawsuits.

This may include representation in appeals from Social Security’s denial of disability and Supplemental Security Income claims, representation at hearings before Administrative Law Judges, requests for waiver of overpayment of benefits, reconsideration requests, appeals to the Social Security appeals counsel, and lawsuits at the federal court level. Mr. Jocuns also provides representation in appeals from denials of long-term disability insurance claims, appeals from terminations of long-term disability insurance benefits, and bad faith lawsuits against insurance companies.

Lapeer Personal Injury and Disability Lawyer