Controversy will probably always surround Michigan marijuana law and the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. But medical marijuana lawyer Bernard Jocuns understands that some people use the natural product to relieve pain and discomfort resulting from certain medical conditions. Unfortunately these people can still face criminal charges, even with a prescription.

Drug charges and marijuana related crimes can be scary, arbitrary and downright not fair! Often, in these circumstances police do not follow proper protocol and procedure when handling someone that is being accused of a drug crime or marihuana related offense.

With extensive training with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and many other organizations, attorney Bernard Jocuns has an edge when it comes to spotting and defending violations of your constitutional rights.

If you have a valid Michigan Medical Marijuana card, applied for a card or have an expired card you may have a defense to the crime(s) you are being charged with committing. Our Lapeer law office is highly knowledgeable when it comes to medical marijuana law and Mr. Jocuns, a Michigan medical marijuana lawyer, is a lifetime member of the NORML Legal Committee and legal counsel for Michigan NORML. Want an edge on defending your case?

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